Terana, is a Mexican company founded in 1969, with two principal business areas.

The first one is focused in the elaboration and distribution of spices, condiments and seasonings under its brands Terana, Terana Gourmet and Carol’s Garden. Additionally, Terana manufactures proper labels for specific customers.

The second area includes imports, representation and distribution of brands of products, mostly food, domestic and foreign.

Nowadays we are in Mexico´s main cities, throughout the most important supermarket chains, wholesalers, and consumption centers, besides prestigious hotels and restaurants.




TERANA and its new brands, Terana Gourmet and Carol’s Garden, are proudly Mexican and recognized in the spices and condiments category due to its careful selection of ingredients of natural origin both domestic and imported, under the strictest quality standards.


Within the broad range of products we have five lines of TERANA: spices, herbs, Chilies, seasonings and gourmet specialties. These include from the most basic cooking products, like ground garlic, to spices and special formulations highly valued by international chefs, like Herbs de Provence, Zaatar, Curry or the Beau Monde Seasoning. Product presentations offered are varied to suit the consumer´s needs, available in supermarkets and department stores, in small glass bottles; as well as in high quantity packages, like larger PET bottles, plastic bags, and Kraft paper bags for use in wholesale.


Currently we offer two additional brands: Terana Gourmet and Carol’s Garden. Inspired by products and combinations that cannot be missing from the table. These lines provide unique and delicious flavors to many dishes, which are both, attractive and functional for dinner.

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