1. Wash poblano chilis and grill in hot griddle at medium heat (flipping frequently). Then place inside a plastic bag and make a knot to keep vapor in, let sweat for 20 minutes, then peel clear skin off and cut lengthwise. Remove veins and seeds, and cut in thin slices (it is recommended to rub hands with cooking oil before handling chilis to avoid burning skin).


2. Wash onions and cut in juliennes (thin slices).


3. Cut Pork chorizo into very small chunks and add into heated frying pan at medium heat. Once pork chorizo releases its grease, add onions and chili slices, sprinkle Terana Ground Garlic, salt and pepper.


Heat tortillas in a griddle at medium-low heat, and add shredded cheese and one tablespoon of pork chorizo and chili to 6 of them, then cover each with a tortilla and heat on both sides until cheese melts.




11 oz cup grated Chihuahua cheese

11 oz Pork chorizo

12 flour tortillas

2 onions

2 poblano chilis

½ teaspoon of Terana Ground Garlic

½ teaspoon of Terana Ground Black Pepper


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