Quick Broil Salmon:


To Quick Broil salmon, preheat broiler on high and place an all stainless steel skillet or cast iron in it while you season salmon.

Season salmon by rubbing it with fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Using a hot pad, pull pan away from heat and place salmon on hot pan, skin side down. Return to broiler. Keep in mind that it is cooking rapidly on both sides so it will be done very quickly, usually in 7 minutes depending on thickness. Test with a fork for doneness. It will flake easily when it is cooked. Salmon is best when it is still pink inside.


Dill Sauce:


Combine all ingredients and serve on chilled Quick Broil Salmon.

Salmon with Dill Sauce



1/3 lb salmon fillet, cut in half

2 tsp lemon juice

Sea salt and

Terana Black Pepper to taste


Dill Sauce:


4 oz cup low-fat plain yogurt

1 medium cucumber, seeded and diced

1 tbs Terana Dill Weed

1 tsp fresh mint

Terana Black Pepper to taste

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